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MTC Namibian Open

Finally, i made a cut on the sunshine tour...The course of Windhoek country Club was exactly my type of golf courses! The course was not the longest but required some precise tee shot on lots of doglegs! With scores of 68-72-73-72 . I'm happy for many reasons for that result, first i practice a lot my putting lately and i putted really great, no 3 putts on 4 rounds, that's good! Secondly that tournament was the last "big one" before a re-ranking within my category so i will get a better one for the rest of the season. And Finally i knew that i was in good shape and playing good but i needed to play 4 rounds to really believe in me!

This week, i will play a new mini tour called "Big Easy Tour" sponsored by Ernie Els...This tour is run by the sunshine tour and gives the possibilities to players outside the top 65 of last year Order of Merite to play some more tournaments and get a cateory at the end of the year for the Sunshine Tour 2012. I'm just gonna play the first one because the next is mid April and i'll be at home (Switzerland) at that time...

I wish you all a great week and i'll you inform about my results,


First money prize in 2011...

I played this week a tournament in Joburg which is called the IGT tour. It's a mini tour for players without a card on the Sunshine Tour. It really not to make money but to played competitive rounds of golf between tournaments. I'm glad i did it because i finally played some good score. With 2x 67 and 2x 72 i finished 5th on -10 ! Exactly what i need before going to Namibia. I practice a lot my putting and that way, i could see if it works under pressure and tournament conditions. The work paid off and i'm glad ! Now ready for the Namibian Open.

I wish you all a nice end of week and i send you all my best regards from Joburg,


Telekom PGA Championship, Joburg

Dear readers,

I have the feeling to write every week the same report but unfortunately it is really the case...My game is way better than what i show on tournaments! I'm in a great physical shape, doing 3-5 gym a week. I run 2-3 hours jogging a week that's why i feel a bit frustrated right now! i wish i good give you better news but otherwise i'm doing great! I plan to stay in South Africa until the end of the month, which is after the Namibian Open.

I have 2 weeks to work on my putting which is the part that is lacking right now...but i have to say that i'm looking forward to play in Europe again...may be those courses suite more my game than the ones here where you don't need to be straigh but long!

I wish you all a great week and hope the spring comes soon in Switzerland...

Best regards from Johannesburg,


Dimension Data Pro-Am in Fancourt

That week was still the week i was waiting for...But i saw so positive things happening! I still make so few birdies to be in better position in the tournament. With 3 rounds on: Outiniqua, Montagu and the Links i was only able to do 4 birdies...i do therefor little mistakes but too many in that case. I want to thank Caroline Rominger who was on my bag that week, was a real pleasure to have somebody like her on my side! After the tournament i could also see my coach, Jurgen Horenz to check to technique...but as he said that's not really the problem! So after all those good things happened during that week i feel again sharp to do well in the last big "Sommer" event, the Telekom PGA Championship on Johannesburg Country Club.

I wish all a great week,

best regards from Johannesburg,


Zimbabwe Open 2011

I wasn't able that week to express myself like i should have. The game is definitively there but has some problem to perform under tournament conditions. I have now 10 days to fix that little problem before a big tournament in Fancourt, George. The confidance is still at the top but a little desepointed not to able right now to write some better news than those! I will go now on the range and practice...i wish you all a nice day and come again to read that time better news,

Hit them straight,


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