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Swiss PGA Tour Lucerne

After a very bad start, Alexandre found the strengh to get back in the top 5. He was lying 8 over par after 10 holes, then finished his round with a round of 5 over par. The next day, Alexandre shot the best round of the tournament with a nice 5 under 68, with 5 birdies and no drop shot. His health is still not perfect but managed to handel those 2 rounds on that hilly course. With a 4th place has to be happy after lying 24th after his first round,

Best regards,


EPD Tour Augsburg

Alexandre had some bad luck during that tournament. First he got the worse draw possible but that would still be alright if he didn't get a bad flu. After signing his card at the end of the 2nd round, Alexandre had to retire, he had no energy left to be able to participate for the 3rd and final round. The cold and wet weather was stronger than him...

He feels now all right and ready for the SwissPGA tour in Lucerne,

Best Regards,


SwissPGA Tour start

After 2 SwissPGA Tour events, Alexandre is still waiting for his first podium. Some problems on the greens during those 2 tournaments made the 2010 start a little bit more difficult than expected. Some time is going to be spend on the putting green for the next 10 days. His little disappointment will give him a kick to improve that side of the game! The next one will be "THE ONE", best regards,


Welcome to the new Alexandre Chopard Website

After such a long time away from the internet, Alexandre comes back with a new stylish website. You will be able to follow his season, get the latest news and ask him some questions. We wish you all a great season 2010 and hope to see you on this site very soon.

2010 kick off

The 2010 season starts next monday with the 4 ball Swiss Championship. As usual Alexandre plays with Marcus Knight, the two of them try once again to capture the title.

Alexandre plays for the first time in Wylihof as a home pro there...hopefully he'll use the home advantage!

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